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Available Treatments


Your wellness is my primary concern,




Kiiko Matsumoto Style (KMS) acupuncture is largely defined by its use of a highly systematized method of palpation. Palpation is the ability to gain information through touch. This method evolved to an extraordinary level of sophistication in Japanese acupuncture.


Cupping therapy is an ancient form of holistic medicine in which an acupuncturist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. 
There are many purposes cupping, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage. Included in acupuncture treatment.


Moxibustion is a form of heat therapy in which dried plant materials called "moxa" are burned on or very near the surface of the skin. The intention is to warm and invigorate the flow of Qi in the body and dispel certain pathogenic influences. Included in acupuncture treatment.


Acupuncture is throughout to act on meridians. In the form of the treatment most widely practiced in the U.S., hair-thin needles are inserted into the skin at specific points along the meridians to redirect to unblock stagnant qi. These so-called acupoints correspond to different organs or systems in the body.


Chinese Herbal Medicine, which has been practiced and documented for over 2,500 years, is a sophisticated form of medicine that treats various of illnesses in the body. With proper diagnosis from a licensed practitioner, the efficacy of Chinese Herbal Medicine is excellent and with very little to no side effects.


Kinesiology is the scientific study of physiological, psychological and mechanical aspects of human movements. It is a holistic therapy where I assess your body by examining the muscles and helping you tap into your “inner being”. Included with acupuncture.

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